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Salsa Guy Richmond -Workshops on demand

Dance Workshops

Bomba y Plena

Embark on a dancing journey to explore Puerto Rico's Afro-Caribbean rhythms. These rhythms arrive in Puerto Rico during the 17th century with slaves from West Africa who were brought to the island to work on sugarcane plantations.


Danza-Puerto Rican Ballroom Dance

Explore a bit of Puerto Rico's musical history and learn to dance Danza, a high society type of ballroom dance from Puerto Rico.


Salsa! Salsa!

Get your dancing feet together as you learn or improve your Salsa basic steps. Lessons are offered at your facility or through a local dance studio. Classes for Salsa, Salsa Rueda, Cha-cha, Bachata, Merengue, Swing, Tango, Ballroom, etc. Have no fear, Angel Rodriguez will get you dancing and smiling.


Customized Workshop

We will customize a workshop to better serve your needs.


Music Workshops

Caribbean Percussion.

Salsa Guy’s Bomba y Plena musician lead percussion workshops, teaching the cuá, maraca and drum patterns as well as teaching the songs.


Parranda Tradition

In Puerto Rico, parrandas (sometimes also called asaltos in Spanish; literally "assaults") are musical festivities during the Christmas. They are also known as "trullas navideñas" and are associated with pride with customs of the traditional Puerto Rican jibaro.


Family Fun:

Parent and child journey through Puerto Rico's Caribbean Latin culture through a story time rich in music, dance, and typical playground games. Children's playground games:

  • Chequi Morena

  • A la limón, rueda Games

  • La Señorita Elena



We offer nonprofit organizations the use of various facilities for fundraising events as a partnership to help eliminate or reduce expenses for the event. Some ideas for events are dances, dance competitions, dance lessons of any kind.



We have various performing groups available for dance demonstrations and instruction:

•             Salsa Rueda Club -  Miami Style Salsa Rueda

•             Bomba y Plena -  Puerto Rican Folk dances

•             Parranderos - Singing Puerto Rican Holiday Songs

•             Tangueros- Tango Performances



We organize special events to collect toys for children. Every year we look to partner with nonprofit organizations that would benefit from the toys and help promote and participate as they can.

•             Dancing Toy Drive

•             Parranda for Toys

•             Teddy Bear Drive

•             Monthly and Weekly Dances

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