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Traditional Puerto Rican and other Latin Folkloric Dances  (804) 601-6261


Hello there! I'm Angel Alberto Rodríguez Serrano, known affectionately as The Salsa Guy. Thank you for dropping by my website. My deepest passion lies in crafting tailored dance experiences that not only entertain but also act as bridges between cultures. For years, I've been imparting dance lessons and showcasing the vibrant rhythms of Latin American Folk dances, all delivered in both English and Spanish. Yet, beyond merely teaching steps and performing, my aim is to foster an environment where individuals forge positive connections with themselves and others, transcending cultural barriers. Come with me on a journey to celebrate life through the universal language of dance and the exploration of diverse cultural traditions.

Based in Richmond, Virginia, Salsa Richmond, LLC, is operating under the name Tradición Dance Company. We are deeply committed to raising awareness and fostering appreciation for the intricate tapestry of history woven into the music and folklore of Puerto Rico and various Latin American nations. Through an array of engaging workshops, captivating community performances, and special events, we invite our audience on a transformative voyage into the heart of these cultures, delving into their customs, traditions, and vibrant essence.

Tradición Dance Company has graced prestigious stages across Virginia and beyond, leaving an indelible mark with our dynamic performances. From captivating audiences at venues like the Virginia Beach Convention Center, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, The Smithsonian and was invited to participating in the Macy's Parade alongside esteemed groups like Danza Fiesta Dance Company, our dedication to cultural preservation and celebration shines through.


Latin Dance Workshops

My style of instruction has been described as friendly, entertaining, and fun so join us for a lesson and you can be the judge of that!  


I bring the vibrant history of Puerto Rico and Latin American nations to life. Dive into our lively workshops, community performances, and magical events, exploring the customs and traditions that make each culture unique. 

From the Virginia Beach Convention Center to the Smithsonian Museums, we've left our dynamic mark on many prestigious stages.