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Puerto Rican Folk Dance Show

The Dance Company Tradición with the Salsa and Folk band Kandencia




The live music of the Kadencia orchestra and the dance performance by the dance company Tradición are the perfect elements that highlight the most important artistic manifestations of Puerto Rican culture. This show is an expression and social interaction of movement and music which gives you a vision of the feelings of the Puerto Rican people, and their culture.


Kadencia is an orchestra dedicated to conserving and promoting Afro-Puerto Rican music. The folk group Tradición, also known as Salsa Guy's Bomba y Plena, brings to life the past and present of the Puerto Rican dance culture. Together we promote Puerto Rican culture and educate audiences on our island’s native musical and dance expressions.


Our live musical and dance performance, allow you to discover common elements of all cultures in any part of the world. 

What Does It Cost?

Depends on the duration of the event, type, location travel time and other item and special request. Some clients only want a dance lesson, others performances or just a meet and greet. We can also supply a DJ and/or a professional sound if you want to extend the vibe of your event. Please contact me at with questions.

Puerto Rican Folk Dance Performances

Cultural and folk dances are considered to be unique with a sense of purity to them. Such dance performances are loved throughout the world and adored by culture lovers. The traditional Puerto Rican folkloric dances are no different as they are also loved by millions of Puerto Ricans as well as people from all over the world. Puerto Rican Folk Dances include Bomba, Plena, Danza, Polka, and much more. They are musical traditions that move people to dance. 


*During the performance there is recorded narration before every dance that will give a brief explanation of the dance. 

Puerto Rican Characters and Associated Festivals & Holidays

We proudly present a brief history of the Puerto Rican festivals and its characters. Most of the characters that will be mentioned are made available to you. These characters and their masks are an essential part of these activities that occur primarily in the coastal towns and are an integral part of Puerto Rican folklore since the first half of the 19th century. Among the festivities are:
•    The Festival of Santiago Apóstol in Loiza. 
•    The Carnival of Ponce - El Carnival de Ponce 
•    The San Sebastian Street Festival - El Festival de la calle San Sebastian
•    Hatillo Mask Festival - Las Máscaras de Hatillo
•    The day of the 3 Wise Men – El dia de los reyes


Group Lessons and Workshops

for Salsa, Merengue, Cha Cha and Bachata

A large number of participants have enrolled in these dance lessons and have claimed the lessons to have a life changing impact over their daily routines. Dancing has many health benefits for both mind and body. It’s good for your heart and helps with balance and coordination. It also relieves stress and makes you happy. Participants will gain the confidence to show off their newly acquired dance skills at social events and parties. No partner is needed.

More  Folk

Cuban Salsa Casino Rueda Dance -  Salsa Guy's Reuda Club of Richmond Virginia

My performance team is happy to showcase their skills from consistent training and hard work. Salsa Rueda de Casino is a fun, upbeat, high energy Cuban dance. It is a community danced in a circle as dancers follow a "caller", synchronizing their moves and switching partners at the caller's request. Audiences enjoy watching the spinning, turning, clapping and movements in unity. Rueda originated in Havana, Cuba in the late 1950s and continues to grow in popularity all over the world. Click here for picture and more information.

Mexican Folk Dances

A major aspect that characterizes Mexico is the joy and colors of its typical dances. People from all around the world admire them, and love to see the dances in conjunction with good music, which is considered the pride of Mexican culture. The Mexican Folk dances, including Mexican Folk Jarocho, are considered to be an amazing dance option for your next event. Click here for picture and more information.

Tango Dance 

Tango is yet another enthusiastic genre of dancing that is loved and adored in the ranks of dancers around the world. Hence, you might want to learn about its history and the various unique type of dancing that has a sexy and sweet feel when you watch it. It is performed by partners expressing an element of romance in their synchronized movements. Click here for picture and more information.

Venezuela Singer 

Click here for picture and more information.

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