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Men and Boys - Jíbaro Costume for all types of Seis Chorreao & Polka

Costume Items:

  1. Pava Hat - Provided

  2. Shirt: Plain white collar long sleeve. Do not button-down. Sleeves worn folded over the forearm - Not Provided

  3. Undershirt: White - Not Provided

  4. Handkerchief for the neck tied in a double knot, color as assigned - Provided

  5. Trousers: Khaki pants - Provided

  6. Sash for the waist secured laced, color as assigned - Provided

  7. Socks: Plain Black - Not Provided 

  8. Shoes: Black (Bostonian same as for Danza) - Not Provided

  9. Red Bandana - Provided



  • The choreographer selects primary color of the dancer

  • Costume Care: Follow Manufacture's recommendation

  • Replacement Cost: $100.00

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