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Company Name & Logo

  • Tradición Dance Company, parent company Salsa Guy Richmond, LLC


  • EST. 2016, Traditional Puerto Rican Folkloric Dance Group and other Latin American dances. Tradición is based in Richmond, Virginia dedicated to creating awareness about the extensive and diverse history that lies in the music and folklore of Puerto Rico and other Latin American countries. Audiences are introduced to Puerto Rico's culture, customs, and traditions through workshops, community performances, and special events. Tradición has 30 members

Contact information

  • Owner and Director: Angel A. Rodriguez Serrano (The Salsa Guy - The Latin Dance and Entertainment Expert)

  • Phone Number: 804-601-6261

  • Email:

  • Mailing Address: 9206 Laureate Lane, North Chesterfield Virginia, 23236

  • eVA: Salsa Guy Richmond  ID: VS0000233767

Social media links

  • Tradición Facebook:

  • Tradición Instagram:


  • Salsa Guy Richmond Facebook:


  • Salsa Guy Richmond Instagram:


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